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In a world where scrutiny and criticism can be swift if not instant, accuracy and authenticity in news output, literature or the performance arts is critical.

Too many otherwise excellent news stories, crime novels, TV dramas, movies and individual performances are ruined by poor attention to police procedure, culture or practices.

Graham Bartlett,  director, has provided countless hours of support and advice to TV, radio, print and online media guaranteeing an authentic and independent expert advisory and ‘talking head’ support borne out of thirty years of policing at all levels. Notable TV appearances include Russell Brand’s BBC TV documentary “From Addiction to Recovery” and BBC Inside Out Documentary on drugs consumption rooms.

Graham has also provided detailed support and analysis of police procedures to crime writers. Most notably is to the internationally best selling author Peter James in his phenomenally successful and respected ‘Roy Grace’ series as well as to authors Phil Viner and Sarah Watkins. Graham will review draft novels or scripts and provide detailed feedback on specific and general elements of policing as well as suggesting options to improve authenticity.

With Russell Brand

Graham is currently advising a high profile actor on his forthcoming part playing a high ranking detective on stage and TV.

Graham with the cast of Dead Simple by Peter James at the Theatre Royal Brighton. With Gray O'Brien, Tina Holby, Jamie Lomas, Rik Makarem, Marc Small, Josh Brown and cast

William Shaw talks about the perils of research when writing fiction and the help Graham gave in advising on police procedure and culture for his new book The Birdwatcher.

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