South Downs Leadership Multi Agency Seminars
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With resources in the public and private sectors being so scarce, there is little that can be achieved in isolation from strategic partners. Whether that is in ensuring safe and secure communities, protecting vulnerable people, responding to natural disasters or retaining operability when the unexpected happens. We all rely on others, to varying degrees, to deliver the service the public expect and the risks to organisational resilience of not having well developed and rehearsed multi agency plans are huge. There is a concept that you make your friends in peacetime. To expect to develop effective multi agency plans when a crisis or extraordinary demand has already hit is folly.

Seoul 2013

United Nations Drugs Conference 2013

South Downs Leadership are able to design and facilitate a range of ‘table top’ based multi agency seminars aimed to

  • test and assess partnership arrangements,
  • establish partnership connectivity and resilience at strategic, tactical and operational levels
  • Identify service gaps, strengths, opportunities and challenges,
  • Share good practice and
  • Make recommendations for the partnership to take forward including any action plan


These can be around any topic but our specific expertise includes human trafficking, public order/ sporting events, safeguarding, management of the risk of dangerous offenders business continuity and emergency/ contingency planning. Please enquire on other areas



Frankfurt Nov 2013


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