South Downs Leadership Testimonials
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Hi Graham,

Apologies that this has taken me so long. You have done an extremely good job producing

this report and in my opinion it is of a very high standard so thank you.

West Sussex County Council regrading Domestic Homicide Review

Much thanks Graham, it has been interesting  and thank you for your diligence as Chair and I v much enjoyed working with you.

Brighton and Hove City Council regarding Domestic Homicide Review

Safe Guarding Audits

Hi Graham

Thank you so much for your input with the College.  They were very impressed with you.

West Sussex Secondary School


Hi Graham,

I  can attribute a significant part my promotion success over the last two ranks to the advice and support provided by Graham Bartlett. He really understands leadership and he helped me recognise and realise my potential. His experience of senior leadership, going through promotion procedures himself and of assessing on procedures gives him a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable to any person seeking advancement. I certainly recommend going to Graham if you want advice in relation to writing applications, giving presentations and giving one's best at interview. The support that Graham gave me certainly put the odds in my favour.

Detective Chief Inspector to Detective Superintendent Candidate

Hi Graham,

I am so grateful for your help. I will let others know about the help you can offer.

PC to Insp Fast Track Candidate


Hope you are ok

Just to let you know I am through to the interview stage, which is an interview and presentation.

Thank you so much for your help  and I will let you know the final result!

Insp. to Chief Insp. Application stage candidate

Hi Graham

Just a quick note to thank you for your recent help.

The good news is that I am through the paper sift and down to the final 15 that they are taking to interview. I'm in no doubt that your help is the bit that made the difference.

Insp. to Chief Insp. Application stage candidate


 I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for your help with my forms and prep over the last few months - I had my board on Friday and was promoted into the role here having been successful!!

Insp to Chief Inspector Candidate


thank you for this and the excellent advice. I was truly impressed by the experience!

The links work fine and I am already working hard on listening to the question!

I will be in touch…………

Sgt to Inspector Candidate

Graham was able to provide me with an objective and realistic assessment of what I needed to concentrate upon, my weaknesses and strengths. He gave me the confidence in my overall ability as well as some little  golden nuggets that really helped me in my preparation for the overall process and on the day of the final interview. I really valued the feedback support and motivation that he provided. Without his support I do not think that I would have been successful in a field of some really talented people

Chief Inspector to Superintendent Candidate

Media Advice

For a number of years, both during his service in Sussex Police as the Divisional Commander of Brighton and Hove and subsequently, Graham Bartlett’s input has been a pivotal element to the success of my Roy Grace novels.  Since retiring from the police, he has applied his extensive and varied policing experience to review my draft novels so as to ensure they are procedurally 100% accurate, that the mannerisms, characteristics and culture of the police shine through, and his eye for detail helps immensely with accuracy and continuity.  As an additional bonus he is always huge fun to work with and has an extremely creative and inventive mind.

Peter James  - Internationally Best Selling Crime Fiction Author.


Thanks so much. I am dealing with final copy edits and have taken on board all your comments. I have taken liberties in places - it is the balance between fact and fiction but have made rewrites to solve most of your concerns.

I have also mentioned you to my agent and publisher. I am working on a TV script. if it ever gets made I will try to get you on board as a consultant... we shall see.

Author P.D.Viner - Summer of Ghosts

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for what you have sent me, it is just what I wanted. If I have anything further that comes up I will get back in touch.

Kind regards


Author Sarah Watkins


Thank you so much for yesterday, I’ve had some fantastic informal feedback so far and its exactly what you would want to hear.  General themes are:

 ‘I had no idea it would be local’

‘I will be taking this back and developing a plan around awareness and training’

‘Very informative and relevant to my job’

Hertfordshire Constabulary

Your recommendation to use Graham was a defining moment, we are delighted with the outcome, thank you.

South East Councils

Well done for an excellent event last Friday.  I was struck by:

·  The level of ignorance of modern day slavery across our society

·   How much there is still to do to achieve a joined up approach

 A South East partnership, though not without its challenges, seems a real necessity.  Of course you have our full (yet resource limited!) support.

Delegate at Trafficking Seminar

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for the good work you've done as a chair, who was not only announcing the speakers but summarizing very good the essentials of our words.

Best regards

Raymund Suchland

Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Soziale Dienste der Justiz im Lande Bremen

Speaker at International Drugs Conference I chaired

Now back in London, I can send my thanks and appreciation to you for your contribution to what turned out to be a successful side event at the United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs this week. We had a good and diverse audience, and articulated our key messages very clearly. All the practical aspects worked smoothly, and we have already had some positive feed back and follow ups.

Mike Trace

Chair International Drugs Policy Consortium

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